Miss All Natural Pageant

Building Our Community, One Girl At A Time

The Miss All Natural Pageant is a non-profit organization that hosts a 12-week summer program for young ladies between the ages 14-24,

The Miss All Natural Pageant was founded by Ms. Black Charlotte 2017 - CEO of B.Y.E., LLC, Vernisha Crawford.

The Miss All Natural Pageant is a 12-week summer program for young ladies between the ages 14-24. We strive to create an experience that will shift the focus of our young girls from external pressures to interpersonal development. The winner will receive a $2500 scholarship to go toward her continued education after graduating high school. Our three core principles Self-Love, Collaboration, and Support.

Through weekly workshops each contestant will develop leadership, business professional, finance, marketing, and fundraising skills . They will also walk away with a new understanding of self-identity and confidence. All Natural is defined by the absence of makeup, hair weaves, extensions, artificial nails, eye lash extensions, body shapers, and cosmetic surgery. 

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We define self-love as the willingness to invest in one's self to become better.

As a summer program, a large portion will be dedicated to delivering impactful workshops that will unveil a young woman's value and worth by introducing personal development practices and activities. 

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We define collaboration as a group of individuals coming together to achieve a common goal

This principle was created to expose the greatness that can take place when women, individuals and organizations within the community collaborate.

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We define support as building, uplifting, and protecting others without expecting anything in return. 

In hopes to build a community we will maximize our efforts to help increase exposure for cause both local and national. Each year we will join forces in promoting and bringing awareness to a community initiative.